Summary of Usability

Learnings from the Nielsen Norman Usability Conference.

Summary of Usability

Well after hours upon hours of lecture here is a summary of what I actually digested from all the great information that was discussed during Nielsen Norman Group's Usability week.

  • People spend most of their time NOT on your web site. Leverage the patterns of the rest of the online community.
  • People do not read. Don't bullshit yourself.
  • “Design Darwinism.” The best stay around and evolve, the worst die off.
  • Customer surveys gather opinion – nothing else
  • Design for the 80%
  • Write at a 8th grade reading level
  • The brand is the experience
  • Nobody reads tag lines
  • User satisfaction on the web has remained unchanged in the past 11 years
  • Be truthful, a user detecting a lie will assume other content is untruthful as well
  • Be smart and test

That is all I got. Everything else can be summed up in making your users as “comfortable” as possible on your web site. The amount of comfort will all depend on the type of user coming to your site.

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