Pizza Book Print Samples

The best part of printing is getting all those paper samples.

Pizza Book Print Samples

We are now in the middle of writing, designing, and figuring out a way to print The Pizza Book. A big step is selecting the print, what paper stock we select, and how we package the shipment. Here are a few shots from the samples I have been receiving.

Getting samples in hand lets me, as a designer, take a look at the paper stock quality, how the ink is interacting with the fibers, and understand the tactile nature of the material. Can't design on the monitor forever.

Finding out what sort of paper works best for our cookbook.
Examining the hardcover book binding and paper choices.
The printer usually sends some examples of their previous work.
The attention to detail and quality of these paper choices is excellent.
Gold foil stamp on cover stock.
The very simple but effective Thought Merchants photo studio. Three lights and a backdrop.

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