Paper Wireframes iPhone Pads

A tool to facilitate better mobile prototyping.

Paper Wireframes iPhone Pads

Paper Wireframes is a rapid iPhone prototyping tool used for mobile application development.

Paper Wireframes iPhone pad

The development for mobile applications is shifting towards total digital ideation, conception, and production. Paper Wireframes is built as a tool to bring the designers and developers back to the physical world in a form factor of an iPhone. The smallest unit of interaction on touch screen mobile devices are human fingers – a trait often overlooked when creating complex mobile applications.

Paper Wireframe's logo is designed to be a timeless, iconic, and versatile mark that mimics the very icons which are so often the critical elements of mobile interaction.

Paper Wireframes web site design.
Paper Wireframes are great to use as a tool for solving both visual and interactive problems on mobile devices.

Paper Wirefames is Now Closed

After having sold over 500 Paper Wireframes pads over the years, the doors have closed. Honestly it is a pain to send 1 or 2 pads to people all over the world for razor thin, or no profit. It was a nice little hobby that took off more than I expected. These days if you are looking to get your hands on these, you will have to flag me down in person at my office in NYC.

Special thanks to Stefan Natchev for his ideation and concept design support. We have shipped these all over the United States, England, Germany, and Sweden to name a few countries that have purchased pads.

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