I recently gave a talk at the New York SASS & Compass Meetup with a fellow front-end enthusiast Jackie Balzer. You can view the livestream recording on YouTube. Here is the talk description:

Sass gives us the ability to truly separate structure from style. This flexibility opens up many possibilities for architecting sites. For our second NYC Sass Meetup we are excited to have Jackie Balzer, senior front-end developer at Behance, and Steve Berry, user experience designer and founder of Thought Merchants, present on how they have leveraged Sass to build highly customizable sites–quickly.
Jackie recently launched 17 sites in 5 days using Sass. Jackie will take us through a full demo of building a Served site. Steve Berry will be sharing his experiences from his time as Director of User Experience at Efficiency 2.0 where he white-labeled many sites using Sass and Compass. Steve will present on how to leverage the magic of SASS to create a quick style guide to design a site or app.
They will each present for 30-45 minutes and there will be a 5 minute lightening talk on new killer new feature, silent extends.
If you are new to Sass or need any help, please feel free to come early (6:40) and we'll do our best to help answer your questions or get you up and running. We will start around 7:15 to give time for train snafus or that final git push before you skedaddle from work. Come at 7pm for drinks and snacks and to connect with NYC #teamSass.