Labeling Lessons From Wegman's

On the internet the barrier for leaving is almost zero. So label well my friends...

Labeling Lessons From Wegman's

Wegman's Grocery store is like the internet of real life. There is too much to comprehend, once you are there you forgot why you came, and you always stay too long.

Unlike the internet, Wegman's actually label their aisles very well to help guide lost consumers in the suburban sprawl of food products. There are many lessons we can learn simply by walking up and down the aisles of Wegman's. Here are two I thought of right away:

Label Accurately

Gelatin? I have never once gone to the store for gelatin, but I know that is what Jello uses (or something). Jello usually sits next to baking and dessert making supplies, and other assorted powders. Oh wait look at the sign, each of those that I mentioned that came to my mind are on the giant label above the aisle. Damn it – they nailed it. I know exactly what is in that aisle. A good label is known to have good “information scent”.

Meet Customers' Expectations

When you see certain products and signs, different items instantly come to mind about what you can find there. If your expectations are constantly broken from poor signage, do you think you are going to read the signs anymore? No. The old Acme in Collegeville where I grew up had the worst signage. The signs then became visual noise that I filter out, which is dangerous for the grocery store. What will I visually filter out next? A two for one deal that I did not read? Soup of the day? Checkout sign?

In a physical store poor labeling is a problem, but the customer is still confined inside the store. If I got pissed and couldn't find a product, and wanted to go another store. I would have to walk out, get in my car, drive there, get out of my car, and go into the new store. Huge commitment for avoiding shitty labels. Yeah not happening.

On the internet – the barrier for leaving is almost zero. So label well my friends…

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