Inspiration Now Concept

A mood-boarding application to improve visual research skills.

Inspiration Now Concept

In a world of automation, Ruby Gems, and all sorts of things that make people's lives easier – I ask why haven't designers? Probably because most designers just focus on the main problem of having stakeholders give us the time and space to make things awesome. Not all of us are successful at achieving that even.

One of the easiest ways to appear creative is to have serious mood-boarding and visual research skills. Unfortunately these are limited by your Google searching talents (or Google Juice as we call it in the office). I can't tell you how many designers have shitty search skills. Just like Rule 34 exists for pornography, rule 34 exists for design as well. Whatever weird interaction or style you are going for, it has been designed and is available on the internet somewhere. You just need to find it.

Up until now there has not been any way to easily have eye candy delivered to you. Well I bring you my visual research feed called “Inspiration Now.” Right now it is just a concept, but I am looking for a ruby developer to help me create this idea.

Interaction diagram.

iPad / touch screen mobile device concept. New images load on the left, older images move to the right at they are added. Images are fed via Dribble, FFFFound, possibly others. You can zoom in to see images. All images are formatted in the same dimensions for ease of visual digestion and uniformity.

One finger tap on an image brings up a little modal box, which prompts the user to add the image to a lightbox or email it to themselves. Basically some simple light-box building. When you receive the email, maybe it is a link to an assembled mood-board which you can print or save.

Assisted mood-boarding. Genius!

If you are interested in helping out, please email me. I would prefer to trade design work for coding, otherwise please let me know your rate. My goal is to make Inspiration Now as a web app. Thank you.

Inspiration Now logotype.


Here is all the work that went into my logotype development. Some design folks from Canada mention that it looks very close to VIA Rail's logo. While it certainly does its origin is much different. Still a sexy logo!

Inspiration Now logotype process diagrams.

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