Harry's Web Experience

A better shopping experience for a better shave.

Harry's Web Experience

In the summer of 2014 Harry's contracted me to help optimize their checkout flow, build out their web team, and improve their working process.

The focus of the engagement was conversion from the product display page to shopping cart through checkout. Immediately below you will see the final Engraved Winston page that we shipped. Below that you will find the original wireframe we started the project with.

Harry's Winston product show page.
Harry's Winston product show page.

Finding an efficient way for customers to discover the product they are looking for has lots of ramifications to revenue for an online store. We spent a good deal of time iterating over the best way to display categories of products. Again you will find the final product and wireframes for the product index page below.

Harry's product index page.
Harry's product index wireframe.

Auto-Refill Plans

A big project that we collaborated on was the auto-refill subscription plans that Harry's was going to unveil. We incepted the project with the entire Harry's team and shipped what you see below.

Auto-refill inception at Harry's HQ.
Prioritization of stories.
Harry's Auto-Refill final product

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