Create a conference badge which is usable and informative for 250 attendees to New York City's premier Ruby conference.


Orienting and informing 250+ programmer nerds in a large venue, in a city like New York City, presents many issues. Many conference lanyards are clumsy, large, and ugly - which all affect their retention. Sponsors also pay big dollars to feature their brand image on many of the materials at the conference. Creating memorable keepsakes which the attendees can take home appeals to sponsors and attendees alike.


A simple conference badge that features the name of the attendee on the front, yet when they swing the badge up to read, has the entire program contained inside.

The badge in use as Jesse from Blue Box Group talks at the conference.

Printer Diagram

A simple little diagram that was created to give to the printers who were printing the badge. A badge that has the front cover upside down can be problematic. This diagram was sent to the production house to ensure that the print job was completed successfully.

Devil in the Details

The details really matter - so we decided to have different colored lanyards for each of the different roles at the conference. Made it very easy to identify who was organizing the conference, who was speaking, and who was attending.

Boat Party Tickets

There was a party after the conference on a boat that went around the island of Manhattan. The event was sold out and we needed a way to control who was getting into the party. Simple tickets did the trick.

A photo of the conference in progress.