I had the privilege taking photos of EMPEX LA 2019. Desmond Bowe, the founder, is a good friend of Thought Merchants. EMPEX is trail blazing thought leadership in the Elixir developer community.

Miriam Pena - Opening Keynote - War Stories: Scaling Distributed Systems
John Mertens - Lessons From Our First Trillion Messages with Flow
Anna Neyzberg & Hannah Howard - Go vs Elixir: A concurrency comparison
Full house at EMPEX LA.
Kalisa Falzone - Making your Elixir API Accessible to non-Elixir developers
Aaron Harpole - You might say I have 🕶 mix feelings
Michael Ries - Five Easy Ways To Start With Nerves
Alex Peachey - Where did I put my data?
Adrian Cruz - Elixir Code is Elixir! Metaprogramming and Elixir
Libby Horacek - Fake It 'Til You Make It (where it = Haskell expertise)
Ashi Krishnan - Closing Keynote