Crevalle Branding

Creating a unique identity for a unique individual.

Crevalle Branding

Branding in B2B tech space is relatively dull and uninspiring. Many companies are either unwilling to step outside the box for their mark, or don’t realize they don’t need to be a trendy B2C company to have a cool brand identity. Creating a unique brand is more important than just looks, it gives your company the chance to tell your story to potential clients before coming face-to-face.

The direction we went in for the tech consulting company Crevalle, is to reflect Desmund Bowe’s unique character in with the mark, while creating a memorable identity that stands out amongst the sea of boring B2B he competes with.

Bowe was originally born in Washington D.C. After a stint in Seattle, he became a NYC transplant and has grown his presence there since. He began his professional career as an account before finding his calling in tech, and has become a staple in the community. His company, Crevalle, spearheaded the Elixir language movement in NYC and is the first to hold a conference like this in an underground music venue.

He rocks a Burt Reynolds-esque mustache. Plays guitar. Used to make transistors for amplifiers. All the more reason the mark needed to reflect his colorful character and stand out in the competitive tech space they operate in.

Given his retro style, the goal for Crevalle is an old-timey tech company feel. Society was going through radical changes during the seventies as tech, and life essentially, took the turn toward modernity. In response, the minimalist design approach became popular for brands around the time. This inspired us to explore different diagonals and verticals for the type, eventually find the perfect balance of character with a touch of funky inflection.

Isolated Crevalle badge in black and white.
The official identity of Crevalle.

If you followed the EMPEX branding story, you know Bowe and I both love space images. We pulled ideas from the world's first artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik, to get the orbital design, as well as show that old machines can still do great things. We roped in “World Wide Web Services” to the mark to set it apart from the “www.” we see every day.

Novelty boosts memory retention. These references to technologies past resonates with everyone in tech space, whether you’re a seasoned programmer or enthusiastic technophile. It’s where we all came from as programmers and developers, and what makes the Crevalle brand mark that much more memorable. For the final touch of Bowe flair, we used a transistor rendition in orbit which hit home for the man behind Crevalle himself.

Our last step was mastering the quintessential introductory business transaction. Exchanging business cards. You should always be prepared to make a lasting first impression and Crevalle was looking to astonish. Crevalle handles high profile clients, so there was no room in their wallets for a flimsy Vistaprint card. We needed a tangible experience they’ll remember the moment the card was placed in their hands.

Business card concept for Desmond's new brand identity.

You want your business card to capture attention and provoke conversation. We went with the classic rectangle shape for wallet compatibility, but used duplexed black French Paper stock. Both sides stamped with silver foil. This gave the Crevalle business card a sturdy, thick feel, like you just handed over the “Black Card” of business cards. We airbrushed an orange gradient along the edges to emulate an electric feel with an eye-grabbing pop. After that, we partnered up with Mama’s Sauce in Florida for the printing and the result was a badass business card you surely would not forget. You can view photos of the final product here.

Another view highlighting the painted edges.

A unique brand image solidifies your company's position in a competitive marketplace. It’s crucial to set yourself apart from lackluster branding techniques commonly used in the B2B tech space. For Crevalle, we were able to develop a brand mark that not only looked professional, but was memorable and reflected Bowe’s personality.

A retro shirt design for Crevalle.
The homepage design of

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