Code Climate Isometric Shirt

An isometric illustration to promote Code Climate at RubyConf.

Code Climate Isometric Shirt

Bryan Helmkamp recently traveled to Denver to participate in this years Ruby Conference, and he needed a t-shirt that represented “Object Symphony” for his product Code Climate. Listed below are a few different revisions of the shirt designs I produced for his product.

Code Climate is software that rates the quality of your projects code to help you create maintainable software for years to come. The concept behind the shirt is that good software is built through a delicate balance of different objects.

This crazy knockout was interesting but too cluttered.
The Code Climate badge is awesome, but this knockout did not maintain readability enough.
Again another masking of this crazy isometric illustration - not enough brand clarity to execute on the brief.
Sweet ass looking type, but not enough visuals.
The preliminary illustration for the Code Climate t-shirt design. Done on tracing paper and an isometric grid. Oh man I can't tell you how much I love isometric designs.

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