Code Climate Bali Retreat Part 1

The entire 10 person Code Climate team travels to Bali for an adventure.

Code Climate Bali Retreat Part 1

Three times a year, Code Climate gets together for a company retreat. Our last company retreat was in San Diego where we on-boarded three new developers to the team. That went so well, we decided to make the next one literally as far away as possible, Bali.

Company retreats are a great way to bring our distributed team together for some good face to face time. Building trust and empathy as a team happens much faster when we are all experiencing new things together. First, we needed to get everyone to Bali which was no small task when you consider where the entire team lives:

Traveling and Arriving

Everyone had an uneventful trip through the clouds. The clouds even arranged themselves to look like a painting.

A lovely partly cloudy sky towards Honk Kong.

Once we landed in Bali we headed to our hotel, The Longhouse Jimbaran. We found the hotel from our friend Colin from, who rented office space from us in NYC. His parents own the hotel and were so great to us the entire trip. The view from the main terrace provided a nice view over Denpasar.

The Longhouse Jimbaran where we stayed the entire time. The infinity pool was spectacular.


Our first day in Bali had only half of the crew, so we went Snorkeling on Lembongan island. We drove to the docks and hopped on a boat. The drive was an event, since there aren't many enforced laws regarding driving in Bali.

The roads in Bali are a little crazy, only the drivers are crazier.
In the parking lot there was an awesome VW surfer van that looked right out of a movie.

Snorkeling on Lembongan island is interesting to say the least. Imagine Six Flags Great Adventure goes to the coral reef. You jump onto a pontoon boat with about 40 other people. You line up for a ride on a banana boat or jump out into the reef with some goggles on.

They feed the fish with bread, which isn't great for the wildlife, but that makes the fish very attentive to humans in the water. The good news is that even with all the human activity the reef appears to be good health from what I could see.

Some of the Code Climate team on our way to a pontoon to snorkel.

After snorkeling we went back on land and jumped in a little truck to drive around the island.

Traveling around Lembongan when we arrived at this nice vista.

We came across a seaweed farm which we were told is used in cosmetics.

A seaweed farm on Lembongan island.
Seaweed drying on tables.
Looking down the street on Lembongan island.
Unloading sand on Lembongan island from the mainland.
Locals and tourists crusing down local roads.
Seaweed farms up close in the bay at Lembongan island.

Back at HQ

The locals make really kick ass sambal by grinding peppers and the like in a stone basin. Plop some veggies in there and you have a meal.

Making some delicious gado-gado back at hq.
Mixing the veggies to finish the gado-gado.

The Start of Work

Having everyone at the same location is a luxury, so we worked through the difficult business of planning our work until the end of the year. The Longhouse provided a nice open air space with a pool that made the day go by quickly and efficiently.

Code Climate team getting started working for the first time in Bali.
Bryan breaking down some product direction and scope to set context for our retreat.
Guns and glory...guns and glory.

Night Festivities

Our dinner that night featured a fish BBQ with a local orchestra and dancers for entertainment.

Flowers arranged all over the ground in preparation of the festivities.
Beth enjoying the illumination of her sparkler.
Local kids getting into the sparkler action before performing later.
Sitting in preparation for dinner.
Chow down with some grilled fish and prawns.
Many Balinese men start the music for the performance.
Dancing ladies start the local version of the prince and the frog.
Local kids play the parts as frogs. They obviously had a lot of fun since none of them could stop giggling.
The frog was distraught since the princess had to kiss the frog and she was not game for it yet.
The bad guy shows up at some point but I forget the order. He does a lot of shouting. His mask really pulls it all together.
JR's "search and seizure" dance was a nice new addition.
Noah's folded fan is obvlously a key piece of his interpretation of the local dance.
The entire Code Climate team together for the first time.

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