Call Me Digital Experience

Call Me makes it easy to have one phone number ring multiple phones.

Call Me Digital Experience
Call Me homepage design.


Creating a dead simple sign-up and system for having one phone number ring multiple phones.


Phone systems are notoriously archaic, and clumsy. Recent services on the web have revitalized the way you can integrate and interact with telephone service. The technology focused solutions neglected the user and it still is very difficult to have one phone number ring other phones simultaneously.

Mashion consulting was trying to purchase a service that had one phone number ring all of their cell phones at once. They were frustrated with the complex and often expensive solutions that were available for such a simple problem.

Pricing was also a concern since many telephone services have hidden charges, unorthodox rates, and complex methods for signing up.


Mashion consulting partnered with Thought Merchants to create the simplest possible solution for the user. They were not only the developers, but first customers to a service they now sell publicly.

The first step was creating a simple and clear sign-up for the user. We accomplished this in the simplest way possible, a one page sign-up with progress disclosure as to not overwhelm the user. One input field greets the user, with a clear left hand side scan line and supporting text to give the user context:

Call Me sign-up page.

After selecting the zip code you want your phone number to originate from, the system presents you with a drop-down of available phone numbers you can claim.

Once entering the phone numbers you want the primary number to call, Call Me prompts you to enter a email address to have your voicemail sent to.

Final set is creating a password.

Then Call Me sends you off to Amazon Payments to complete the entire process.

Logotype Concept Left on Cutting Room Floor

There were some interesting and beautiful design that came out of the visual exploration. My favorite is this concept that was left on the cutting room floor. A beautiful swash typeface, knockouted out of an off-black circle, with some Freight Text Light nicely aligned. Was trying to make the knockout 5 a logotype, but it never really wanted to play nice with all the features and such we were offering.

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