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Wavelength App Design

Creation of a movie sharing tablet web experience.

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wavelength naming moodboard imagery
Wavelength brand image exploration.
wavelength naming moodboard imagery
Close up of the line work.
wavelength naming moodboard imagery
Initial naming and logo design concepts.
initial sketch
Very first logotype drawing from the client.
graph paper sketch drawing
Cleaned up rendering done on graph paper.
final wavelength mark
The final Wavelength workmark.
wavelength iOS icon design
Icon design for the iOS tablet application.
inception kickoff
Project inception with the client, project manager, and developer.
inception kickoff
Capturing project goals, anti-goals, risks, and user activities.
inception priority
Prioritization of stories.
whiteboard session
Preliminary application flow whiteboard.
word mapping
Word association mapping for product naming.
wavelength prelim wireframes
Preliminary application flow wireframes.
beginning design concepts
Early design concepts for the interface and layout.
feature prioritization
Feature prioritization with the design, developers, and project owner.

Testing The Concept

interface test
A dashboard of all available movies.
interface test
An index of all of the users' movies.
interface test
Tapping to get more informaton about the movie of interest.

Interface Design Iterations

The first dashboard design to go to production.
movies index page
My movies index page design.
movie show page design
Individual movie show page design.
store design
Store - a way to purchase movies on your tablet.
Icon system for badges / rewards.