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Repris winery visit.

Moon Mountain District in Sonoma Califoria


Shannon and I traveled to Sonoma for a Thanksgiving holiday retreat. We made sure to visit Repris Winery well up into the Moon Mountain District in Sonoma. The vineyards are as impecibly cultivated as the wine.

A guide welcomes you with a glass of white wine and walks you around their fermentation tanks and into their cellars. The cellars are buried hundreds of feet into the mountain, to keep the aging wine at a consistent temperature. After touring the producton facilities, you drive out into the vineyards on ATVs and tour the various vines and mountaintops. The ATV excursion is awesome.

After touring the vineyard, you head up to the top floor of the main building and do a comparison tasting of their latest release paired with cheeses. The views in the fall are especially pretty with the colors of the leaves on the vines changing.

repris fermentation tanks
Repris fermentation tanks in an amazing gazebo.
repris fermentation tanks
The light coming in from the top provides amazing gradients on the cylinder shaped tanks.
repris fermentation gazebo
The beautiful fermentation gazebo ceiling that provides so much character.
repris wine cave
An expansive wine cave to store all the aging barrels of delicious yet delicate wine.
repris wine building
repris atv
old lava flow next to repris
A very old lava flow adjacent to the Repris Winery.
repris winery view from atv
Repris takes you around their amazing property on ATVs. Here is the view of their main building from the other hillside.
repris wine building and steve berry and shannon reed
Shannon and I enjoying the scenery.
repris winery
The radiant vines on a fall afternoon.
repris vines on a hill
repris winery
repris winery tasting
Taking a look at some very well thought out meat and cheese pairings with their latest wine release.
repris wine glasses and tasting
leaving repris winery
The amazing view from the driveway on the way back to Sonoma.