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Puerto Rico

A photo journey through Puerto Rico.

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First stop: Old San Juan

After landing at the Luis Munoz MarĂ­n International Airport near San Juan, we made our way to Old San Juan where we were going to spend a day exploring around since that section of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

typical street in san juan
A typical street in Old San Juan. The bright pastel paint defined each of the buildings.
puerto rico blue brick
Lovely blue bricks line many of the streets in Old San Juan.
Castillo San Felipe del Morro
Looking down towards the city from Castillo San Felipe del Morro.
Face on the wall
Pastered face on a very orange wall.
Vines hanging from tree
Some sort of vine hanging off a tree.
steve berry
Shannon took a quick snap of me enjoying the warm weather.
san juan hotel
Awesome looking display block letters for a hotel.

The Gallery Inn

We planned our trip last minute and ended up making a random booking. As it turns out it was a great find. The Gallery Inn is the most unique hotel I have ever stayed at. Exotic birds, eclectic atmosphere, and a relaxed approach to living that you can't find in normal hotels. The owner is a sculpture artist and her aesthetic is reflected throughout the property.

san juan gallery hotel
The Gallery Inn in Old San Juan is the most amazing and unique place to stay. Exotic birds, amazing resting areas, a little pool...
san juan gallery hotel garden
Another look back up the garden.
shannon and birds
Shannon trying to talk to the birds.
inside gallery hotel
All of the rooms and hallways are half indoors and half out. It creates a really unique atmosphere.
san juan at night
San Juan from the roof of The Gallery at night.
Looking out into the ocean
Looking out North into the Atlantic Ocean.

El Yunque Rainforest

After some time near Luquillo Beach we decided to do some hiking in the only rainforest protected by the United States. We first went to experience the Juan Diego Falls which did not disappoint, then to Mount Britton.

el yunque waterfall
The first little waterfall we encountered in El Yunque.
juan-diego falls
A look at the first Juan Diego Falls.
juan-diego falls
The middle Juan Diego Falls.
juan-diego falls feeder
The stream that fills the falls below.
juan-diego falls and shannon reed
Shannon under the is quite strong.
juan-diego falls and steve berry
I went further into the watefall and found out that the water hits you with a lot of force.
el yunque view
The view from the top of the Britton tower was amazing.
Paradise in Puerto Rico. A view from the doorway of the house we rented.