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Palm Springs with Graham.

3-day adventure into the California desert with our pup Graham.

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Shannon, Graham our 5 month old golden retriever, and I took a quick 3-day vacation into Palm Springs. Palm Springs is an amazing little town. Being from the East Coast I did not quite understand the draw of Palm Springs. Once you arrive you understand that the setting inside the valley and the amazing sun-baked light makes everything just a bit better than it should be.

There is a mid-century modern trend that has been alive and kicking for years that bleeds through the entire town. That vibe makes it feel like you are in a special little enclave that does not exist in many other places. Combine those interesting cultural aspects with the amazing hiking and natural wonders just outside the city and it makes for a great 3-day retreat.

desert just south of joshua tree
Amazing view just south of Joshua Tree National Park.
desert canyon
mountain sky
joshua tree cliffs heading into space
a detailed rock face
mountain crease inside a canyon
mountain crease inside a canyon
mountain crease inside a canyon
Graham the golden retriever chasing me around
golden retriever chasing steve berry around
Shannon and Graham hanging out for a quick rest
Carrying Graham down some incline
Graham looking cute
Shannon and Graham walking in Joshua Tree
split rock path
steve berry and graham the golden retriever playing
steve berry and Graham the golden retriever
Palm tree and sky in Palm Springs
palm trees in palm springs
palm springs view