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OWS Badge

A simple symbol for Occupy Wall Street's message.

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is very close to home. Literally, they protest 3 blocks away from where I live in Manhattan. After a conversation with a friend, I started doing some designs for a potential logo or sticker. More of a fun thought experiment more than anything.

occupy wall street badge

Tents have become the signature shape for many of the protests around the world. Not because of choice, but out of necessity. The protesters live in tents. Well the triangle is a simple shape, and also the shape for change (delta). So I started with that as a good starting point.

Next was what font to use. Easy choice - I love Futura. Anytime I get to work with Futura, I jump on the chance. Futura is based off of the circle, which is a lovely complement to the triangle.

To broadcast the existence of an OWS protest campsite, one could imaging hooking up a kite, with little triangles taped to the rope. A very subtle, yet effective statement that change is in the air.

occupy wall street kite diagram

Sticker Concept

This photoshopped preview does not look that good. The real sticker should be die-cut.

occupy wall street sticker on sign

Raw Conceptualization of Logotype

occupy wall street logotype design ideas and exploration

Alternate Logotype Concept

occupy wall street alternate logotype concept