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NYC Metro Specialty

A collection of photos from the dogshow in NYC.

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Each year during the month of February my mother comes into New York City to show her french bulldogs at the two dog shows that are alway the same weekend. The NYC Metro Specialty Dog Show and of course the Westminster Dog Show. This year I decided to bring my camera along and take some photos capturing all the gorgeous dogs.

happy pug
A very happy pug gives a big smile.
frenchie waiting
A french bulldog waiting for his turn in the ring.
veteran french bulldog
A veteran french bulldog getting ready to show. They grey hairs give away her age - 9 years old.
Wire hair dachshund
Wire hair dachshund getting ready for the show.
happy pug
Two ladies wearing their best show attire prepare a wire hair dachshund.

Eden Winning Best of Breed

The highlight of the NYC Metro show was Eden (the dog in the following photos) winning best of breed. It is always amazing to see the work it takes to get show dogs in the ring looking the way they do.

frenchie wrinkle
Getting the wrinkles clean.
eden getting ready
Eden having some fun while Amanda preps her for the show.
brushing a frenchie
Applying some chalk and powder to freshing up Eden's face.
Eden sleeping
A sleepy Eden takes a break between events.
Eden and pat in the ring
Eden and Pat showing in the ring.
Eden picture time
Winning awards can be tough work.
winning best in breed
My mother, Pat Berry, and her friends celebrating the best in breed victory!