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Trip to Lake Tahoe

Shannon, Steve, and Graham travel to Nevada through Yosemite.

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california desert
Driving through the California desert on the way to Lake Tahoe.
driving to tahoe
The mountains just come up from the desert.
california desert
Entering the high sierra mountains.
california fields and mountains
Open pasture in front of the high sierra mountains.
california yosemite creek
Enjoying the random creek through Yosemite valley.
california yosemite creekbed
steve and g
G and dad enjoying a quick dip in the water.
graham in the water
Graham felt very comfortable in the fast moving water.
graham hanging out the car window
The real meaning of freedom.
shannon reed and g
graham shannon and steve
The whole family together.
broken tree lake tahoe
emrald bay lake tahoe
emrald bay lake tahoe road
lake tahoe trees
lake tahoe road
looking across lake tahoe
Looking across Lake Tahoe.
tunnel hike lake tahoe
tunnel hike
tahoe lake
high sierra
high sierra
el cap
yosemite falls