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K-House Logotype Design

Logotype design for Indy Hall's co-housing space.

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Alex Hillman is leading a really neat project in Kensington, Philadelphia called K-House. Essentially from what I can understand it is a giant live /work space for creative people. Pretty fucking awesome. A few months removed from my years as a creative in Philadelphia, I can only admire with a giant grin on my face.

Keeping tabs on Philly a terribly obsessive behavior, and Alex was looking for a sweet logo inspired from pop art. I really wanted to bring out some tracing paper, and get down and dirty with type again. Well… I present the fruits of labor:

k-house logo

Looks even better on a texture like wood or glass, especially if painted on:

k-house logo on wood texture

Or if they wanted to get really bold with the logotype:

k-house logo on building rendering

Philly hipsters would totally dig that bold application.

Yet my favorite part was not working on the computer. It was working with tracing paper, pencil, and markers. I had to clean up the “K” to make it more readable from a distance. In these drawings the x-height was too small. Creating the letter “S” at an angle, with distortion is tricky as well. Actually ended up bringing it into illustrator, straightening out the letters a bit, then applying some computerized distortion so that it could remain clear on any application.

k-house logotype marker rendering
k-house logotype blue pencil rendering