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EMPEX Los Angeles

Branding a new elixir conference experience in Los Angeles.

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Emma Cunningham empex la speaker talking
Emma Cunningham giving the morning keynote.
life is a stream
empex la crowd
Life is but a Stream talk by Geoffrey Lessel
Life is but a Stream by Geoffrey Lessel.
neon empex la sign
Neon tube signs for the win.
Andrew Hao giving a talk
Building Beautiful Systems with Phoenix Contexts and Domain-Driven Design by Andrew Hao.
todd resudek empex la
Become a Hex Power User by Todd Resudek.
empex la crowd
empex lunch service
Yummy lunch at cafe EMPEX.
empex lunch
live music at empex
Signature live music at EMPEX LA.
empex panel number 2
rosemary ledesma
Ecto.Schema without Ecto.Repo by Rosemary Ledesma.
Chris bell
Shipping a Replacement Architecture in Elixir by Chris Bell.
Sarah Gray
Closing Keynote by Sarah Gray.
closing remarks by Desmond Bowe
Closing remarks by Desmond Bowe.
live music at empex