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Code Climate Retreat

Bringing the entire Code Climate team to San Diego to on-board new hires.

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In July the Code Climate team doubled in size. We went from 4 to 8! That was a crazy amount of growth for such a small and young company. Adding this many new faces put strain on our ability to cohesively communicate as a team. To help make that transition we assembled the entire team in Mission Bay San Diego for a week.

code climate team
The entire Code Climate team.
panorama of san diego beach
Panorama of the San Diego beach. The weather and views of the beaches are stunning.

We designed a week around structured and unstructured time. The focus of the first 2 days was teaching the domain of Code Climate, getting local machines working, and having the new recruits pick up their first initiatives. Below is a photo of our morning stand-up meeting.

stand up san diego
Morning stand-up.
working table
Serious ops diagramming... and a foot.

We were able to find a large house that was able to accommodate all of us. The best part was an outside patio with tables and chairs. We were able to work outside the entire week without any stress.

working outside
Jamming on work outside in the awesome weather.
working outside
What normally happens at around 5pm...

A neighbor nearby had an immensely complicated drone that he was practicing with in the back alley. We were quick to investigate his DJI Flamewheel F550 before heading to dinner at Pizza Port.

crazy drone
A guy in the alley behind our house had an insane drone.
pizza port
The Code Climate team having a delicious meal at Pizza Port.

We took a good chunk of time on Wednesday to rent a boat to go tubing.

boating together
Gone tubing!
falling off the tube
Moments later...

Our retreat wrapped up with a bon fire on the beach. Thankfully Sea World nearby was kind enough to have fireworks for us.

Bon fire!
code climate team
The entire team plus our contractors posing awkwardly for a photo op in Mission Bay.