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Code Climate Bali Retreat Part 2

Part deux of the Bali adventure.

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You can view part one here. Day Trip to Klungkung started with a visit to the old aboriginal walled-village of Tenganan.

walled village
We visited Tenganan an old aboriginal walled-village where the original inhabitants of Bali live.
crew touring
The Code Climate tour put their touring shoes on today.
textile shop
The crew is touring the local textile shop. Lots of very interesting items draped over every possible location.
women loom
The shop owner showed us how she creates geringsing. Geringsing is the name of the double ikat cloth that is woven in the village.
women loom
Demonstrating her craft. The cool part which is poorly pictured here is the little white pen like thing to the right is a bat bone. She uses that to help move the patterns along the piece so that everything lines up correctly.
dyed thread
The dyed thread.
box of color
A box of nuts and plants used to dye fabric.
thread dye prep
Thread being prepared to be soaked in dye.
red dye
Fabric in the process of being dyed red.
yellow dye
Yellow dye.
JR shopping for textiles
JR browsing the available wears.
more textiles
There was a large assortment of different patterns.
wooden figures
Wooden and metal figures. Some of them are not very happy.
marshall mask
Marshall enjoying his scary mask.
frog mask
The less scary frog mask and shopkeeper.
blue tartar
A little nook with tartar.
coconuts on the ground
Coconut flesh drying in the sun.
dog chillen under a motorcycle
Dog chillen under the shade of a scooter.
Balinese xylophone?
A rooster being held in preparation for a cock fight.
A dog relaxing in the shade he doesn't really have a home.
orange van
A very cool looking Suzuki van.
team temple
The Code Climate team in front of a very old temple. Some of our mates didn't make it out for this photo.
noah mrb
Noah and MRB.
A protector over the floor yet under the temple roof.

Hall of Justice

hall of justice
the rules
Eko, our guide, explaining the old laws depicted on the walls.
law 1
law 2


Uluwatu cliffs.
uluwatu pano
Kecak dance
Kecak dance at Uluwatu.
team watching the dance

The Extra Day

Jeff Rafter and I stayed an extra day and explored the North side of the island.

another temple
Some bonkers old temple. At this point they were all blurring together.
A protector.
Awesome stone relief mounted on a wall.
Back alley / creek in Ubud. Lots and lots of trash everywhere.
Keeping the mind occupied.
Buying some jam.
Jeff making small talk with the locals.
A very geometric desk trinket.
A delicious meal just outside Ubud.

Mother Temple of Besakih

The biggest and oldest temple on the island is Pura Besakih. It is an immense sprawling complex that features amazing views and temples. From Wikipedia:

The precise origins of the temple are not clear but it almost certainly dates from prehistoric times. The stone bases of Pura Penataran Agung and several other temples resemble megalithic stepped pyramids, which date back at least 2000 years. It was certainly used as a Hindu place of worship from 1284 when the first Javanese conquerors settled in Bali. By the 15th century, Besakih had become a state temple of the Gelgel dynasty.

At the steps.
Looking up. The ornate work on the door is spectacular.
Looking down back into the main temple complex.
A quick prayer.
Driving past an immense volcano on the way to our hotel.
Rice patties along the road.
Waiting for ducks to cross the bridge.
Amazing view right outside our hotel.
Enterance to the road our hotel was on in Sidemen.
Panorama of the land in Sidemen.
Flower + pot + water = good photo.
Taking a bath. The water was quite cold mind you.
Jeff really wanted to say he crossed a river by foot in Bali.
Snail enjoying some sort of pounded grain.
Man gathering some reeds that we found in the river.
Farewell Bali.