Thought Merchants

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Thought Merchants is a 1-man shop that specializes in creating usable experiences for human beings.

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I’m Steve Berry. I founded Thought Merchants in Philadelphia in 2008, moved it to NYC in 2011, and currently work out of Venice Beach California and help companies of all sizes manage complexity through user experience best practices.

A well executed design identifies logical groups of information and functionality where people expect it. I pride myself on diagnosing design complexity through visual and interactive solutions.

Simple is the language of everyone, want to create something simple? Get in touch.

Clients & Partners

  • Casper

    An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price.

    user experience, agile coaching, strategic planning, team building, leadership advisor

  • Harry’s

    Harry's German engineered blades and shaving cream online for a fair price.

    user experience, web design, agile coaching, product design

  • Hornet

    The gay socail app for guys to make meaningful connections.

    user experience, mobile design, agile coaching, facilitator, product leadership

  • Pivotal Labs

    Agile software consultants.

    partner, user experience, web design, agile coach

  • Monetate

    Ecommerce Personalization and A/B testing solutions to improve customer engagement that increases conversions.

    user experience, user interface, application design

  • Bluebox Group

    Private bare metal hosting.

    web design, user interface, strategic planning

  • InterExchange

    International Exchange Programs, Teach English Abroad, Internships Abroad, and more.

    user experience, user interface, application design, style guide

  • Johannes Leonardo

    Advertising agency based out of New York City.

    strategy, user experience, feasibility consulting

  • Hoopla

    Hoopla's platform provides leaderboards and tools to motivate employees by broadcasting every win, live!

    user experience, user interface, display design

  • Sealed

    Live In The Comfort You Deserve.

    user experience, mobile design, strategic planning, development, research

  • Reify

    B2B marketing consultants for software as a serive products.

    branding, landing page design, communication strategy

  • Noiiz

    Sound samples as a monthly online service.

    pricing strategy, executive coaching

  • Riot Games

    Creator of the biggest game in the world, League of Legends.

    user experience, strategy, user interface

  • Code Climate

    Static code analysis on-demand in the cloud.

    user experience, user interface, branding, leadership, partnership


    300+ person Ruby on Rails conference in NYC.

    branding, event planning, leadership, conference

  • Agile Experience Design Meetup NYC

    Monthly meetup group where thought leaders in NYC shared ideas.

    event planning, leadership

  • Loop & Tie

    On-demand gifting experience for enterprise clients.

    user experience, user interface, branding, strategy

  • Crevalle

    Software consulting for the modern web.

    branding, logo design

  • SideCar

    Car sharing mobile application.

    user experience, user interface, mobile design

  • Fractured Atlas

    Fractured Atlas empowers artists, arts organizations, and other cultural sector stakeholders with financial and community support.

    web design, user interface

  • InfluxDB

    Time series database company.

    user experience, user interface, web design, strategy

  • Hopscotch

    Mobile app to help kids learn how to code.

    user interface, strategy, user experience

  • On-Site

    Software to support large scale leasing companies.


  • Wavelength

    A movie sharing experience for tablets.

    user experience, user interface, branding, naming, strategy

  • Healthy Humans

    Program to help diabetic patients.

    branding, application design, strategy

  • Everyday Throat Spray

    All natural herabl spray to relieve soreness.

    branding, product design

  • Unpakt

    Marketplace for movers.

    user interface, user experience, strategy

  • Efficiency 2.0

    Software to help customers reduce their household energy usage.

    user experience, user interface, strategy, research

  • AboutOne

    Household management software.

    user experience, user interface, branding, strategy

  • Telemedicine Ventures

    Telemedicine device service provider.

    web design, branding

  • Yapp

    Whitelabeled event mobile apps for all devices.

    user experience, user interface, mobile design